About Us


Nastja Legvart and Matjaž Raimondi


We create by touch.
Touch which reflects our emotions, notions our heart and soul into clay.
Clay that becomes timeless ceramic bonsai pot.


To younger Me and Raimondi:

Don’t you worry, you’ll find yourself. Follow your heart and nothing else.

Be a simple kind of man, be something you love and understand.


Me, Nastja Legvart and Raimondi, Matjaž Raimondi based in Izola, a small coastal town in Slovenia have teamed up to create “innovative forms from traditional models, and nuance the expected into unexpectedly beautiful and magical shapes. Their work is incredibly refined, extremely detailed and exceptionally beautiful” (bonsai Mirai).

We had idea about bonsai pots long before the realisation. But in that time we were just finishing our studies and had no founds to buy kiln, rent studio… so we waited… and did some bonsai

In 2016 there was finally a chance to get a small loan and we went for it. We bought a kiln, wheel, rent a studio and started at full speed. We had no background in pottery, so most of our friends and family didn’t really believed in our idea.

We took a ten hour lesson with a Slovenian ceramicist but apart from that we are self taught. First year was more experimental. We were gaining knowledge about clay, glazes, firing. In this period we faced many failures, but slowly every firing was better than the last. We spent a lot of time searching and learning about traditional Japanese bonsai pottery and philosophy behind it.

In September 2017 we had our first stand at bonsai exhibition in Staranzano, Italy. The second impact on us was in 2019 when we unexpectedly got a stand at the Trophy, biggest bonsai exhibition in Europe.

We are in constant seeking of improvement and research of new shapes, techniques, glazes… In general, we follow the traditional rules based on Japanese pots. But an artist must find his own identity and leave his own “mark” otherwise you are making copies of what other artists already did.

Welcome to Me and Raimondi